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Pharmacist / SHARP / Grossmont / Emergency Department / Full Time / Night Shift

Company: Sharp Healthcare
Location: La Mesa
Posted on: May 7, 2022

Job Description:

[ACLS Certification (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) - American Heart Association; AHA Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professional (AHA BLS Healthcare) - American Heart Association; California Pharmacist License - CA State Board of Pharmacy; Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) - American Heart Association; Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
What You Will Do
To provide the professional, clinical and technical knowledge, and skills and expertise required for the provision of comprehensive pharmaceutical care that supports the mission, values and philosophy of Pharmacy Services and Sharp HealthCare.

Required Qualifications

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
  • ACLS Certification (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) -REQUIRED
  • AHA Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professional (AHA BLS Healthcare) -REQUIRED
  • California Pharmacist License -REQUIRED
    Preferred Qualifications
    • Advanced training: completed a Pharmacy Practice Residency with experience in Emergency Department practice or a specialized clinical residency in critical care/emergency care
    • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) -PREFERRED
      Other Qualification Requirements
      • DEA licensure where required (SHC pain consultation protocol). Prefer Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy (BCPS) and maintain competency.
        Essential Functions
        • Clinical advisory services
          Demonstrates pro-active involvement with advisory service activities and displays follow-through and contribution to advisory service outcomes as evidenced by (including but not limited to): (e.g. Renal Target Monitoring, Antibiotic Surveillance Team, Medication Usage Evaluations and other programs or initiatives specific to the entity).
          • Qualitative participation in clinical intervention program through consistent issue identification, provision of reliable best practice/literature based recommendations, follow-through with prescribing and other clinicians.
          • Quantitative work, measured by the completion and submission of electronic forms consistent with the average established for each pharmacy department/shift.
          • Consistently responds to and documents drug information requests promptly and professionally.
          • Participates in ongoing data collection for MUE.
          • Demonstrates knowledge and competency of chemotherapy dosing, monitoring, and established guidelines.
          • Reviews patient medication profiles for appropriateness of drug therapy, therapeutic duplications, allergies, weight, height, minimum and maximum dosing guidelines, age specific requirements, renal and hepatic function, drug interactions and other pertinent factors to individualize patients' medication dosing requirements within boundaries approved by P&T /T&S committees.
          • Identifies, resolves and documents prescribing, formulary and therapeutic issues through integration of patient variables, clinical status, drug knowledge, and professional judgment.
          • Communicates with nurses and physicians in a timely manner about therapeutic issues or problems.
          • Follows up on formulary compliance issues and/or communicates issues to management.
          • Participates in Code-Blue emergencies as required, mixes and labels medications as needed, and provides information; Assures that pharmacy code-blue billing is completed where appropriate and restocks medications.
          • Consistently participating in financial pillar/cost savings measures (e.g. IV to PO conversions, formulary adherence, etc).Characteristics for GREAT performance - meets standards within this section plus some or all of the following:
            • Certification in an area of specialty recognized by in the industry/ASHP (e.g.. ACLS, PALS, BCPS, Nutrition).
            • Develops/Co-develops best practice and literature based recommendations; shares and presents information to colleagues.
            • Develops concept, criteria, measurement process for a PI project (i.e. MUE, DMAIC process, FMEA, lean six sigma, etc).- Performs MUE monitoring, analysis of findings; preparation of final - report; shares findings and presents to supervisory committee(s).
              • Identifies, Develops/Co-develops process improvement (PI) opportunities and is an integral participant in the implementation of a PI process or initiative.
              • Clinical consult services
                Certification/Recertification, Participation, Knowledge: Demonstrates competency in performing formal clinical consults, and patient monitoring practices as approved by the P&T (T&S) Committee(s):
                • Has met minimum certification/recertification requirements as outlined in the Pharmacy Certification Process For Formal pharmacotherapy Consult and Advisory Services policy and procedure for consult services offered at entity.
                • Participates in Clinical Consult Services for example, Pharmacokinetics, Nutrition Support, Ortho Coumadin, Pain Management, and other services specific to the entity.
                • Demonstrates knowledge of consult services as evidenced by attainment of consult service goals and proper documentation of actions, recommendations, and patient outcomes on the pharmacy monitoring forms.
                • Performs by leaving concise, objective, legible, and professional notes in the patient's clinical chart.
                • Consistently demonstrates ability to complete formal clinical workload assigned during shift as evidenced by completing all consults and advisory services in a timely manner.Characteristics for GREAT performance - meets standards within this section plus some or all of the following (including but not limited to):
                  • Actively participates in the training/mentoring of others to perform all aspects of a given Pharmacy consult service.
                  • Actively participates in the presenting of students and in the training and restoring of residents.
                  • Involved and assists with measuring Quality Assurance indicators for a clinical consult service.
                  • Assists in the certification/recertification of staff.
                  • Identifies, Develops/Co-develops process improvement (PI) opportunities, and/or new protocols, and is an integral participant in the implementation of a PI process or initiative (this may be as simple as developing a cheat sheet, or coming up with an improvement to the monitoring form).
                  • Emergency department pharmaceutical care
                    Provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to Emergency Department:
                    • Participate in daily patient care activities such as reviewing medication orders for accuracy and appropriateness.
                    • Discuss medication order clarifications with the ER or admitting prescriber and inform others of medication order changes.
                    • Monitor critical care drug therapy to evaluate appropriateness of use, dose, dosage form, regimen, route, therapeutic duplication, and drug interactions (vasopressors, antihypertensive drips, sedation drips).
                    • Provide pharmacokinetic consultations and other dosing as required.
                    • Participate in the drug therapy management of medical emergencies (code, minor trauma, stroke, snake bite).
                    • Work corroboratively with other clinicians and health-care providers to implement and maintain innovative disease management programs and clinical pharmacy services.
                    • Participate in the development of medication use management programs within Sharp Healthcare including clinical guidelines, critical pathways, disease management, and drug use programs.Provide operational support in the Emergency Department and Central Pharmacy j as determined by departmental need:
                      • Resolves drug distribution related issues.
                      • Resolves Pyxis related issues.
                      • Expedite antibiotic administration by all appropriate mechanisms.
                      • Facilitate proper information transfer with regard to medication use for patients converted to Inpatient registry from ED.
                      • Promote the use of the formulary by converting non-formulary orders to formulary when possible, but coordinates procurement of non-formulary drugs when necessary.Promote and demonstrate rational, cost-effective drug therapy:
                        • Focus on cost avoidance and cost savings due to medication use in the Emergency Department.
                        • Monitor the use of expensive medications to assure there is use consistent with approved criteria (e.g., alteplase, snake antivenin, eptifibatide, etc.).
                        • Anticipate changes in drug therapy and report the potential impact it will represent to the overall hospital and drug budget.
                        • Medication reconciliation and patient education
                          • Reconcile patient home medications, pharmacy and nursing medication records as necessary.
                          • Facilitate discharge/admission/transfer for Emergency Department patients.
                          • Provide patient specific medication use teaching for discharge medications when appropriate.
                          • Multidisciplinary communication
                            Operational Services (dealing with internal customers):
                            • Clearly communicates goals and instructions to other staff members, including handoffs between shifts (written/oral).
                            • Participates in staff orientation and resident/student training programs.
                            • Effectively intercepts and troubleshoots problems, as demonstrated by effective problem solving, prioritization of issues with respect to level of significance and impact to patient care, safety, workflow, and communication.
                            • When faced with complex situations, has knowledge of and applies the appropriate policies and procedures.
                            • Effectively evaluates ongoing workflow issues as and directs daily workload to achieve efficiency and maximize resource utilization as business needs require.
                            • Attends and participates in staff meetings or reviews staff meeting communications.
                            • Reads work related email at a minimum on assigned workdays.Customer Service Interdepartmental Relations (Dealing with external Customers):
                              • Answers phone in timely, friendly manner, stating department, name, and title.
                              • Fosters positive relationships through consistent, respectful, professional interactions with customers.
                              • Responds to requests in timely, caring manner that is consistent with Sharp behavior standards, (i.e. attitude).Characteristics for GREAT performance - meets all standards within this section plus some or all of the following:
                                • Assists with the design/development of student/resident/staff teaching programs.
                                • Actively mentors and engages less experienced staff and shares professional experiences and knowledge.
                                • Communicates, interacts, liaisons with, and develops positive relationships with other departments as evidenced by participating in advisory groups, multidisciplinary collaborative teams, focus groups, task forces or other designated activities as approved by management that will further the practice of pharmacy. Ultimate objective is to cross pollinate ideas and information across disciplines.
                                • Pharmacy operations and distribution
                                  Assures smooth operation of the pharmacy on a daily basis by providing daily work direction and supervision of technical and ancillary staff; oversight over personnel. Medications are prepared and dispensed accurately and in a timely manner in accordance with recognized standards of practice, legal and regulatory requirements, and hospital pharmacy policies and procedures:
                                  • Counsels patients on medication use consistent with professional standards and OBRA-90 regulations when applicable.
                                  • Assures controlled substances are dispensed with accuracy. Maintains integrity of all record keeping. Assists with narcotic inventories as required.
                                  • Dispenses investigational medication according to policies and procedures.
                                  • Enters data correctly into computerized patient medication profile and verifies that all technician orders are correctly entered into computer.
                                  • Demonstrates proficiency with and utilization of automation and advances in technology (Carecast, Clinicomp, Pyxis Profile, Rx Check, Automix, repackaging robotics, physician order entry, etc.).
                                  • Demonstrates knowledge of age specific medication delivery systems (e.g. NICU admixtures, NICU and pediatric oral syringes, adult TPN / TNA solutions, final admixture concentration etc.).
                                  • Demonstrates knowledge and competency of IV Admixture / Aseptic Technique including the standards of USP.
                                  • Demonstrates knowledge and competency of chemotherapy preparation.
                                  • Participates in cost management initiatives including: i.) Managing appropriate Inventory levels to decrease staleness & wastage and keep Inventories low; reduce waste; ii.) attempts to reduce expired muds and use short dated items before they expire, etc.; and iii) Borrow loan paperwork complete.Characteristics for GREAT performance - meets all standards within this section plus some or all of the following:
                                    • Accepts responsibility and accountability for all aspects of optimal workflow (i.e. ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, rapid follow through on missing or stat medications).
                                    • Is a "go-to'' person for issues, questions, troubleshooting and problem solving (i.e. sick-calls resolution, complaints, service recovery).
                                    • Identifies, Develops/Co-develops distributive process improvement (PI) opportunities and is an integral participant in the implementation of a PI process or initiative.
                                    • Quality improvement initiatives
                                      Quality Improvement Initiatives:
                                      • Guiding the development of evidence-based treatment protocols, algorithms, and/or clinical pathways that are congruent with nationally accepted practice guidelines and quality indicators (Core measures).
                                      • Assisting in the development, implementation, and assessment of various technologies used throughout the ED medication-use process (Cerner).
                                      • Maintaining compliance with standards of national accrediting bodies such as the Joint Commission and CDPH.
                                      • Assisting in surveillance and reporting of adverse drug reactions.Participate on hospital committees:
                                        • Participate actively in emergency medicine team meetings and conferences.
                                        • Participating in ED-based and hospital-wide committees (e.g., P&T, infection control, disaster) that impact medication use in the ED.
                                        • Regulatory
                                          Compliance to relevant regulatory agency requirements (i.e. state board of pharmacy, CMS, JCAHO, DHS, FDA, DEA) as demonstrated by:
                                          • Completes monthly assigned nursing unit / drug storage area inspections on time. Completes paperwork including inspection log, documents discrepancies, and makes recommendations for improvement. Brings critical issues to the attention of management.
                                          • Participates in attaining compliance with the National Patient Safety Goals as demonstrated by saving and forwarding orders/examples to management or designee (i.e. of no VO/TO completed, no prohibited abbreviations, use of "resume all meds" etc).
                                          • Participates & assists in the collection of mad tracer audits or collection of individual elements from the tracer tool.
                                          • Ensures security of medication storage and compliance with Medication Management (MM) standards (i.e. all meds are labeled, patient own meds are checked, bedside medications have associated physician orders, no expired mods, and the physical security of medications is maintained).Characteristics for GREAT performance - meets all standards within this section plus some or all of the following:
                                            • Brings critical issues to the attention of management and offers suggestions for improvement. Works closely with nursing and/or appropriate staff to implement the needed corrections. Provides continuous monitoring of interventions to hold the gain.Actively participates in attaining compliance with the National Patient Safety Goals as demonstrated by resolving or improving non-compliant issues in assigned area(s). Is involved in education and takes steps necessary to help reduce the occurrence in the future. Assists and contributes in the measurements of success.
                                              • Takes ownership and provides oversight of above regulatory issue(s) and (i.e. tracer element data collection, summary report of tracer findings, nurse unit inspections, and measurements of success).
                                              • Research and teaching responsibilities
                                                Take a leadership role in clinical research and the teaching programs of the Department of Pharmacy Services as they are related to emergency medicine:
                                                • Participates in providing didactic and experiential training in Clinical Pharmacy for clinical pharmacy residents.
                                                • Assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of residency programs in the areas of Pharmaceutical Care and Clinical Pharmacology.
                                                • Actively participates in clinical research projects resulting in presentations and/or publications.
                                                • Provide staff development support to nurses, and physicians.
                                                • Provide presentations, publications, and other informative activities on emergency medicine and other drug-related topics to the health care community and general public.
                                                • Maintains awareness of contemporary trends in the profession through the professional literature and regular attendance at professional organization meetings, institutes and seminars.
                                                • Safe medication practice
                                                  Demonstrates probative participation in medication safety initiatives as demonstrated by:
                                                  • Knowledge of and active participation in concurrent medication safety event (MSE) monitoring programs, as demonstrated by interventions and eQVR submissions.
                                                  • Qualitative work demonstrates thoughtful and thorough identification, evaluation and analysis of medication safety events. Performs initial analysis of MSE'S and assists in the research and identification causative factors of events.
                                                  • Performs non-voluntary monitoring (i.e. trigger reports, harm monitors, alerting orders).Characteristics for GREAT performance - meets standards within this section plus some or all of the following:
                                                    • Performs in-services, presentations, communicates at staff meetings issues related to medication safety. (i.e. pharmacists, nurses, medical staff committees, etc.).
                                                    • Performs in depth review and research of MSE. Identifies root cause, performance improvement (PI) opportunities, and is an active participant in the resolution process. Provides continuous monitoring of interventions to hold the gain.
                                                    • Assists and collaborates with the SMP pharmacist or designee with the identification and implementation of PI opportunities.
                                                    • Involvement with the performance improvement process (i.e. ADE task force, sentinel event committee, FMEA, RCA, etc).Sharp HealthCare is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability or any other protected class

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